Types of Membership

There are three types of membership to the STS, two for organizations, and one for individuals.

STS membership includes Educational Institutions of all sizes and types including schools, colleges, universities, and training providers.

School Members are organizations that view Smart Teaching System as a strategic platform and are investing developer and other resources to further develop the STS.

Associate Members are organizations that participate in, and want to show support for, the STS.

Individual Membership that are.

Join Smart Teaching Community

Organizations that join the STS can benefit in the following ways:

STS offers you the best in resources and support materials to help deepen your understanding of successful teaching, assessment, and evaluation practices. Our teacher-centered professional resources will help you zero in on the key issues confronting you and your students in today’s classrooms.

Foster mutual support and engagement through powerful resources for driving teacher and school improvement.

join and participate in the STS Working Groups, industry collaborations that develop teaching professionalism and educational opportunities.

Use the STS member logo on your own site and have your logo listed on our members’ page and in other promotional material.

Organizations that join the STS

Benefits of membership






Members of Smart Teaching System

Stay Connected

Grow your personal and professional support system.

​Expand your network and professional presence by participating in the network groups.

​Build strong connections while learning best practices.

​Share your expertise by your case studies and  articles in the smart Teaching platform.

​​Gain new ideas, best practices, and industry news through networking.

Boost Your Knowledge and Skills

Up to 50% discounts on our STS Expert courses and events including seminars, workshops, on-site training, and self-study courses.

Free access to Research reports and case studies conducted by other members in the profession.

Free access to a high quality Competency assessment model.

​​Access to wide range of essential tools and resources.

Gain More Confidence

The Expert Teacher certifications is the most prestigious in the teaching industry.

Receive training, professional recognition, and opportunities for continued growth that is difficult to get elsewhere.

Opportunities to showcase your teaching skills and expertise by speaking at conferences and events and contributing to industry and professional publications.

Strategic Members

Membership in STS is institutional —meaning a whole institution signs up, giving all of its employees and staff access to the Association's benefits.

STS membership is invaluable for educators looking to learn more about and support the education field.

Builds networks of schools, school districts, and researchers to define how more students can become deeply engaged in their learning.

Explores the reciprocal relationship of teaching and learning in creating deeply engaging learning environments.

Examines the critical links between school and community to identify ways to work together in support of students.
School Membership

School membership is an organisational membership giving teachers access to our dedicated School Members Area, incorporating our educational resources, assessment tools, research materials and case studies.


School Membership is open to any to any school interested in developing and improving teaching practices 

Use the STS member logo on your own site and have your logo listed on our members’ page and in other promotional material.
Individual Membership

Individual Membership is for K-University teachers, administrators, and other education professionals.


Individual membership package for individuals provide many opportunities to interact and exchange ideas with teachers, educationalists, researchers and a wide range of high-profile education events.


Increase your knowledge and skills with unlimited access to tools and resources.


Advance your career to the next level with our professional development tools.


Meet, communicate and collaborate with your peers within the education community through a variety of networking opportunities

Strengthen your skills and capacities whether you are a school director, a school manager, a teacher, educator, or provide administration support.