Evidence-based and Systematic Education

Researches and studies on the world’s best-performing education systems show that effective teachers are the most important factor contributing to student achievement.

Students taught by the best teacher learn twice as fast as average teacher. Students taught by the worst teacher learn half as fast as average teacher. There’s a four-fold difference in the speed of learning created by the most and the least effective teachers.

There is only one way to obtain student achievement and the research is very specific. It is the teacher and what he or she knows and can do. Teachers need to know what to do and how to do in the classroom to get better at teaching.

Smart Teaching System® is a systematic approach to building teaching effectiveness and efficiency and maximizing the learning outcome in terms of student achievement gains.

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Great Schools Made by Great Teachers

The quality of an education system cannot exceed the quality of its teachers. (McKinsey, 2007).
All the evidence from different education systems around the world shows that the most important factor in determining how well children do is the quality of teachers and teaching.
“What is the most important school related factor in student learning? The answer is teaching” said Professor Bob Schwartz (Harvard GSE, 2010).
There is a consensus that improving teaching quality is one of the most direct and promising strategies for improving education outcomes. Every aspect of school reform depends on highly skilled teachers for its success.

Where to Invest?

Reducing class sizes from 23 to 15 students improves the performance of an average student by eight percentile points at best. Class size has no major impact on quality of education. It is expensive and not worth investing in it.
One study shows that if two average eight-year-old students were given different teachers – one of them a high performer, the other a low performer – their performance diverge by more than 50 percentile points within three years.
Pivoting your expenditure from less cost-effective to more cost-effective ways of achieving the same objectives.

Great Teachers - How to Make Them?

Teacher performance in the classroom is the lifeblood of the educational enterprise. Thus systems or processes for measuring teaching have been increasingly recognized as an important part of the instructional improvement exercise.

Three key questions:

  • What do teachers need to do next to get better at teaching?
  • How will teachers do it – what support, resources and help is needed?
  • How will we know whether they have improved?

Smart Teaching System® answers all these questions…

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Training Program "Expert Teacher"

Learn What the Profession is-and What it’s Not

The “Expert Teacher” program empowers you with proven teaching structure, resources, and let you discover what makes this profession great and challenging, and how to navigate to success as a professional educator.

You will be able to embrace trusted and proven strategies, while also forging your own solutions to challenges.

Most Effective Evidence Based Teaching Strategies

Teachers are always looking to innovate. But what really matters more than “always trying something new” is the reason behind why we do what we do.

This leads to educational research findings that student outcomes are linked to several highly effective classroom practices, i.e. maximizing Impact on Learning.

Advanced Teacher Assessment Methodology

How should we measure teacher effectiveness? Assessments are needed to tell whether teachers have developed the classroom teaching skills to be effective with their students. Our system of performance assessment helps track educational progress, flag areas of need, and anchor a continuum of performance.

The assessment system moves beyond traditional measures to evaluate teachers’ performance.

Rich Tools and Resources

We offer a wide range of teacher tools and resources designed for professional development that will help teachers in their classes. Our tools for teachers are engaging so that teachers can easily incorporate them into their practices. These tools will help teachers save money as they make purchases for themselves or their students.

We are continuously working to find and create the best free resources for our community of teachers. Be sure to check back often as we frequently update this section.