A System for Teaching Excellence


Smart Teaching System® is a learning platform that combines the benefits of powerful models, strategies and tools to help educators and students to reach their full potential. It is a systematic approach to building teaching effectiveness and efficiency.

Smart Teaching System® is a result of four year research in education systems throughout the world. The main finding is that mainstream methods of teaching and assessment fails to produce the students needed to be competitive.

Smart Teaching is a strategy for performance excellence. We believe that the best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see. And that a teacher is a compass that activates the magnets of curiosity, knowledge and wisdom.

Becoming a Smart School

Smart Teaching Helps Teachers Develop Greater Effectiveness

  • Research found that Effective teachers are the most important factor contributing to student achievement. The system is designed to help teachers develop greater effectiveness.
  • Discover the Teaching Framework that improves teaching effectiveness faster than any traditional method, and raises student achievement gains to an unprecedented levels…
  • Discover how students learn at Twice the Rate they do in the classrooms of average teachers – they learn in six months what students taught by the average teachers take a year to learn. And in the classrooms of the least effective teachers, the same learning will take Two years.

Smart Teaching Adopts Evidence-based Teaching Strategies

What teaching strategies works best? The best teaching strategies are those based on research. These research-based, also known as evidence-based, strategies are supported by significant and reliable evidence derived from experiments and linked to successful student outcomes.

However, many teachers and educators are aware of evidence-based teaching strategies but many don’t know how to used them in an efficient way. For students’ results to reflect these high effect-sizes strategies, teachers need to develop the skills of their use.

To learn which factors that contribute most to
student achievement click the Effect Size Barometer.

Smart Teaching Focuses on Student Learning

  • Smart Teaching focuses on student learning and the teacher behaviours and classroom processes that promote better student outcomes. Teacher effectiveness is defined as a teacher’s ability to produce higher than expected gains in students’ standardized test scores.
  • The quality of teaching and learning provision is by far the most salient influences on students’ learning – regardless of their gender or backgrounds. It is the most important school-related factor influencing student achievement. Smart Teaching System provides teachers the right tools and resources that enable them to create great learning results.

Smart Teaching Saves Time and Money

  • Schools: forget about Reducing Class Size, Ability Grouping, and Pouring More Money into School Buildings and School Structures. Focus on the person who closes the classroom door and performs the teaching act – the teacher!
  • Teaching efficiency is a measure of the amount of resources required in order to meet the goals. Smart Teaching efficient can achieve the same goals using fewer resources.
  • The more you use Smart Teaching System, the more you can save money, materials and time in achieving your learning requirements and how we can best meet them.