Teacher Competency Assessment

The Teacher Competency Assessment (TCA) was designed and developed to give teachers an assessment of where they stand in all performance areas and detailed guidance on how to improve. The main purpose of the TCA is to improve teacher practice in order to improve student learning.

The teacher competencies may be used in several ways.

  • Self-assessment: Teachers may assess their own knowledge and skills by using the self-assessment tool that has been developed for the teacher competencies.
  • Job descriptions: To assist with staff recruitment and hiring, administrators will find the competencies useful in developing job descriptions for a range of program positions.
  • Appraisals of performance: Administrators may use the competencies as a tool in conducting performance appraisals. An administrator and an instructor can view the competencies as a tool for identifying instructor strengths as well as areas for improvement, and then design a professional development plan appropriate for the individual.
  • Peer supervisors and mentors: The competencies can guide supervisors and mentors as they employ these emerging and increasingly popular forms of professional development.

Professional development plans: Administrators and instructors can collaboratively identify elements of the competencies relevant to their program to design both a program-wide professional development plan as well as individual professional development plans.