Teacher Assessment and Evaluation

The assessment of teaching performance is a critical part of any attempt to develop a coherent system for the strategic management of teacher performance. Such assessments provide a measure of how well we are achieving such performance. Evaluation is only one component of a comprehensive teacher growth and development system. The core purpose of teacher […]

Teachers Competency Assessment (TCA)

Web-Based Self- and Peer-Assessment of Teachers’ Competencies Using Competency-Based Evaluation to Drive Teacher Excellence Research shows that there is a substantial amount of common content across the different approaches. Almost all of the systems we reviewed have substantial content related to the following teaching competencies: instructional planning, classroom management, interactions with others (staff, parents), and […]

Teaching Quality and Effectiveness

‘Teaching quality’, ‘teaching effectiveness’ and ‘teaching efficiency’ have been used interchangeably in much of the research literature.

Effectiveness is the degree to which objectives are achieved. In contrast to efficiency., effectiveness is determined without reference to costs. Effectiveness is a measure of achieving the required results, whereas “efficiency” is a measure of results against resources such as time, money, materials … etc.