What is the most important school related factor in student learning? The answer is teaching”
​Professor Bob Schwartz (Harvard GSE, 2010

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Most Effective Evidence Based Teaching Strategies

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Advanced Teacher Assessment Methodology

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How Much Impact Does A Teacher Have On Student Performance?

  • Teachers are the most important factor contributing to student achievement
  • Students taught by the best teacher learn twice as fast as average teacher
  • Students taught by the worst teacher learn half as fast as average teacher

Evidence-based and Systematic Education

  • There is only one specific way to obtain student achievement
  • It’s about what the teacher does & not do
  • Teachers need to know what and how to do in the classroom to acheive maximum results

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Making Great Teachers

Every school wants to make great teachers. By answering the following three questions, you can start to create better teachers. Which means greater results from your students. and a great impact on their lives.
  1. What do teachers need to do next to get better at teaching?
  2. How will teachers do it – what support, resources and help is needed?
  3. How will we know whether they have improved?

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